If you’ve ordered flowers from us before chances are you know we include a little ‘Care Instructions’ card with each bouquet. Taking a few small steps in properly caring for your flowers can dramatically increase their vase life. Read below for our basic Flower Care 101 tips.

If your flowers came already arranged in a vase with water, skip ahead to the bullet points below. If they came wrapped in paper, keep reading. xx

Before unwrapping your flowers, prep your vase. Select a clean vessel and fill with clean, cool (but not cold) water.

If your flowers came wrapped in paper with our temporary water source, carefully unwrap the stems and place them on a clean surface. Toss the brown wrapping paper into the recycle bin and the EcoFresh wrap into either your own personal compost or your recycle bin (or simple bury it in a small patch of dirt in your yard or garden).

Grab your sharpest pair of shears or snips and give the blades a quick scrub with warm water and soap. Bacteria will kill a cut flower faster than anything else, so we want to be sure all surfaces + tools are bacteria-free before using. So important! Give each stem a sharp 45 degree cut of at least one inch or to the length of your liking. (You may also use a very sharp knife to cut your stems.) Now arrange each stem in your chosen vessel, being careful not to submerge any of the foliage (leaves) under the water line.

Now that your flowers are happily arranged in their vase of water:

- Keep out of direct sunlight and away from the flow of any a/c or heat vent

- Top vase off with fresh water daily

- Every three days you may refresh the water completely + give the stems a fresh 1/2” snip, should you desire

- Remove blooms as they begin to wilt or rot; doing this will help prevent the premature wilting of the remaining flowers

…and that’s about it. We often love using more delicate, fragile stems in our arrangements which is why we guarantee them for 48 hours if cared for properly.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re here to serve your flower needs. xx


Who doesn’t love a hand-tied bouquet of fresh flowers, am I right? And these are not your average grocery store flowers. Let me explain…

We offer our fresh flowers either arranged in a vase or hand-tied and wrapped in paper. We love both options! Our hand-tied bouquets get the same royal treatment and include the same fabulous flowers as our arrangements, like this one pictured with David Austin garden roses (basically the peony of the rose family, or day I say even better), blush Oregon snowberry, fancy lavender alstroemeria, and peach garden spray roses.

Each bouquet is lovingly designed so that your recipient may either a) plop them right into a vase of water or b) arrange each individual stem to their liking. We include a temporary water source to see the flowers through their delivery, and each bouquet is wrapped in waxed tissue paper, market-style, to give it a natural, yet abundant gift appearance. Each wrap is finished with twine and our signature gold foil tag.

With options starting at $35, our Wrapped Bouquet makes an excellent birthday, anniversary, thinking of you, congratulations, or just because gift. We also offer Fresh Flower Subscriptions, where you can save 10% by committing to weekly, biweekly, or monthly deliveries. A perfect way to #treatyoself or someone else special in your life. Curious if we deliver to your area? See our Delivery Area page.

And don’t forget…we offer same-day flower delivery throughout the Greater Phoenix area. xx

hand tied bouquet garden rose alstroemeria.jpg


We recently had the pleasure of designing floral for a Bakeshop’s stunning dessert table as part of the Nirvana Food & Wine Festival’s Rosé Parté, held at the Wrigley Mansion. Andrea, owner of a Bakeshop, and I had a fun time creating the colorful palette of blush, pink, peach, yellow, and gold to accent a Bakeshop’s beautiful confections. This bountiful arrangement spilled over with luscious texture through the use of blush David Austin Juliet roses, Japanese Hanoi ranunculus, whimsical blush sweet pea, hanging amaranthus, fluffy astilbe, bright pink tulip, larkspur, golden roses, and a stunning yellow peony to tie it all together. What a treat to design.

Thank you for having us! xx

a bakeshop lush fresh flower arrangement.jpg


Voyage Phoenix and I recently had a conversation about Sophie’s Florals and how we came to be here. Click the box below to read the full interview. Thanks for having me, Voyage Phoenix!


We love using seasonal flowers in our designs. Spring brings us a bounty of ranunculus, sweet pea, blooming branches, and peony, while winter brings us beauties like hellebores, tulips, and paperwhites. The anticipation for each season and what it brings is perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of floristry. Much like our favorite fruits and vegetables, seasonal flowers are just better when they’re in season. This is the time their unique qualities really shine and, bonus, many of these flowers are grown locally here in the US.

Our hope is that by intentionally lacing these elements throughout our designs we help to evoke a sense of time and place in our clients’ lives. Ask anyone their favorite flower and why, and surely you’ll be met with a fond memory or story of this particular flower’s significance. Welcoming a new season is a celebration on its own, and what better accompaniment than an arrangement highlighting the beauty it has to offer.

Would you like to order your own seasonal flower arrangement? We offer same day flower delivery throughout the greater Phoenix area including Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Paradise Valley, Ahwatukee, Glendale, and Peoria. Select your preference of a hand-tied bouquet wrapped in paper or beautifully designed flowers in a vase and ready for display — either way, we can’t wait to serve you. xx

large seasonal arrangement garden roses jasmine sweet pea


Also known as the Pincushion Flower, Scabiosa is one of my very favorite flowers (even if the name is a bit weird). Its name is derived from the Latin word “scabies”, which translates to “the itch”, because the flower was believed to cure…you guessed it — scabies.

Strange name aside, these whimsical perennial flowers originate from southern Europe and grow in shades of pink, white, burgundy, lavender (as shown here), and even black. Sometimes they’re more flat, with their frilly petals stealing the show, and sometimes they’re more of a ball shape, almost like a scoop of ice cream. Their long, skinny stems are much stronger than they appear and really allow their beautiful faces to take center stage. They’re incredibly charming on their own or combined with other flower friends in a garden-style arrangement.

Symbolizing love, peace, and purity, Scabiosa is a flower that everyone swoons over. I mean, just look at it. #swoon

scabiosa flower lavender purple spring

the dinersaur treat box flowers cookies

theDinersaur x SOPHIE’S treat boxes are here!

I’m so excited to announce our newest offering! We’ve collaborated with the uber-talented Olivia at theDinersaur to bring you the yummiest, fluffiest gift boxes in the southwest. Cookies and petals!

Available now for delivery OR pickup, these boxes include mini seasonal arrangements and your favorite Dinersaur treats. Shop them in three sizes: bb box, bigger box, and the bounty box, which features seasonal treats like millionaire shortbread and everyone’s favorite churrovers. Petite milk jar flower arrangements are a sweet pick me up for your media cabinet, bathroom counter, or night stand.

These delicious treat boxes are perfect for a birthday, client gift, thank you, congratulations…any occasion. Because who doesn’t love cookies and flowers delivered to their door?

Order today! We can’t wait to serve you. xx